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Heroes Of Valhalla

Changelogs [ 23/05/2020 ]

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Changes as of 23/05/2020:

- Happy Hour time has been changed

7am - 9am (2hrs)
2pm - 3pm (1hrs)
7pm - 9pm (2hrs)
2am - 3am (1hrs)

- Added Charm Scroll at Donation Shop

        Kafra Card
        Token of Siegfried
        Job Manual
        BM 300%
        FM 100%
        HE BBG

        Gold Coin
        God Hammer
        Old Card Album
        Bloody Branch
        Enrich Elunium
        Enrich Oridecon

        **ULTRA HARD**
        Elven Ears[1]
        +6 Armor Refine Ticket
        +6 Weapon Refine Ticket
        Red Aura
        White Aura
        Purple Aura
        Black Aura

- Refine chance of enriched ore is now on default
- Charm Stone can now be farmed by killing mobs ( 3% Chance  )
- Added Refine Expert at /navi prontera 188/176
- Updated Enchant Options on Wings/Costumes Enchanter

Random Stats + 1
    ASPD +1 
    Max HP +1-3%
   Max SP +1-3%
    Atk + 1-5
    Matk +1-5

- Updated Wings/Costumes Enchanter Zeny Prize to 15m
- Bossnia Mobs now has 50% faster respawn time
- VIP Certificate has been added on Donate Shop
- VIP Merchant has been added at /navi prontera 107/92


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