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Do you have kRO Ready in your PC? If not, we recommend you to download our full installer so you won't have any problem playing Heroes Of Valhalla.


Google Drive


If you have your own data.grf , rdata.grf and BGM Folder from kRO then this one's for you.


Google Drive


You want to play using your Android Phone ? This one's for you.


Direct Download




How to install (PC) ?

1. Download from the links given above.

2. Open the zip file that you downloaded.

3. Make a new folder in your Desktop or anything you want.

4. Select all the files inside the zip folder and drag it all the way to the new folder that you made.

5. If you're using lite client, skip to step 7. It you're using full client, skip to step 6.

6. Open patcher and you're good to go.

7. Go to your kRO. Copy these files and paste it on the new folder you made ( data.grf , rdata.grf & BGM Folder )

7. Open patcher and you're good to go.




How to install (Android) ?

1. Download from the link given above.

2. Install the APK.

3. When something pops up. Choose between [Ignore] or [Install All]

Ignore = It will only download neccessary files. This will make your map loading slow.

Install All = This will download all the files in the server. This will make your map loading fast.




If you have any errors in your installer then I suggest you to message us on our facebook page for faster response. Meanwhile, we recommend you also to check this because you might see the error you are seeing in this topic.



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